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Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords offers a Pay Per Click advertising for text ads as well as Cost Per Thousand advertising for image ads.

You have full control over your ads on Google Adwords as you can set your cost you are willing to pay per click as well as you budget per day or per ad you created. The same for Cost Per Thousand where you select the amount you are willing to pay per 1000 impressions.

With adwords you can create a selection of keyword phrases, set a campaign with various options example; countries, times, dates, device etc. This way you target your direct users.

Google's text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline consisting of 25 characters and two additional text lines consisting of 35 characters each.

Image ads can be one of several different Interactive Advertising Bureau standard sizes.

Adwords Benefits

  • Direct Target Market
  • Pay only when Clicked on
  • Full Control over Spendings
  • Text or/ and Image Ads
  • Various Search Options
  • Advertise on the biggest Search Engine
  • Full Adwords Reports Available